The Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz have split the first two games of their playoff series, both of them being played in Houston. The Rockets aren’t exactly enjoying a home court advantage though, as a handful of loud Jazz fans have spent the games mercilessly heckling James Harden and his teammates.

At halftime, this cocky Jazz fan tried to get up in Harden’s grill, only to have teammate Nene give him a gentle push back into the crowd.

Frankly, that kid is lucky Nene didn’t crush him. The NBA probably won’t appreciate that Nene made contact with a fan though, even if it was completely harmless. That fan was later engaged in a discussion with stadium security.

And then there’s this video, although we’re not sure when it was taken. As Harden walks toward the court (perhaps after halftime?), this fan calls him “the worst flopper in the NBA.” That provokes Harden into smacking his phone, followed by a stern talking to from arena security including this awesome line from one of them: “I’ll hit you my damn self, if you want outta here, okay?”

Had a great time at the Jazz game!!! Harden….didn’t have as much fun as me.

Posted by Jason Glad on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Game 3 goes Friday night in Utah.