No matter how many politically correct answers they give to the media about not hating each other, everyone knows that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook actually do kind of hate each other.

Their inability to co-exist is one of the reasons that Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook responded to KD’s departure by spending the next season averaging a triple-double for the year and winning the MVP award. Durant may have gotten the last laugh though, as his Finals MVP-winning performance helped the Warriors secure another NBA championship.

Golden State visited Oklahoma City on Wednesday night, and the new-look Thunder put a beat down on the defending champs.  The final score was 108-91, with Westbrook predictable providing the lion’s share of the offense with 34 points, nine assists, and 10 rebounds on the night.

He also definitely got into Durant’s head, which you can see from this sequence midway through the third quarter.

After Westbrook stripped Durant of the ball, KD had some words for his former teammate. It looks like Westbrook tried to avoid the confrontation, but Durant persisted by following him around the court. So Westbrook starting jawing back and getting right into Durant’s face.

After the game, Durant tried to downplay the incident (that he actually started).

“Did you watch the game or did you just try to watch for the scuffles?” he responded when asked about the moment.

“The story’s about the game. We lost. They kicked our ass. They played a great game. Should give them credit for how they played, and we should be better.

“It’s not about who’s in each other faces. That stuff is not real, so please don’t believe it. All the fans, they lying to you all. It’s about basketball, and they played a great game. We didn’t.”

We can’t wait for these teams to meet in the playoffs.