The Raptors and the Cavaliers are becoming an annual Spring tradition, as this marks the third straight year that Toronto and Cleveland will meet in the NBA playoffs. So far, it’s LeBron 2, Raps 0, as the Cavs have eliminated their Northern rival two seasons running.

As the teams renewed their rivalry on Tuesday night in Game 1, Raptors superfan and Toronto native Drake was sitting at courtside (as he often does). It’s pretty common that the famous rapper is featured prominently on the Raptors television broadcasts, but Drake just took his attention-seeking hijinks to another level. He sparked up a war of words with Kendrick Perkins right before halftime, and the again after the final buzzer. Let’s watch.

Here’s the halftime confrontation:

And here’s after the game:

Perkins wasn’t dressed for the game, although he is an active member of the Cavaliers roster. According to Perkins, the trouble started when he began talking some light-hearted trash toward Toronto forward Serge Ibaka, telling him “We about to win this game.” Perkins and Ibaka are former teammates in Oklahoma City, so it doesn’t appear this was anything more than the usual back-and-forth that goes on during an NBA game.

Perkins claims that Drake overheard, and added himself to the conversation. That led to the heated confrontation between the player and rapper. Drake might talk tough, but he’s giving up about 10 inches and over 100 pounds to Perkins, so it’s probably best for him to let security break things up.