For whatever reason, LeVar Ball just can’t keep his mouth shut. After pulling his two youngest basketballing sons out of school to go play pro ball in Lithuania (of all places), the Ball patriarch openly blasted Lakers head coach Luke Walton, saying that he’s lost the locker room in Los Angeles.

While Walton made light of the criticism by joking that he left Lonzo Ball on the bench late in a game “because his dad was talking s**t.”

A much more real criticism of the Ball Family drama comes from Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has turned making poignant and thoughtful comments on controversial issues into a regular thing. If you remember, Walton used to work under Kerr at Golden State and even took over head coaching duties while Kerr was sidelined with major back injuries, winning 24 straight games.

Here’s what Kerr had to say about LeVar’s criticism of Walton, and about the public’s bizarre fascination with with a man who has done nothing except father a few average-level (so far) basketball players.

Like always, Kerr totally nails it. ESPN (and other media) are struggling with how to allocate their resources, and the Worldwide Sports Leader has laid off hundreds over the past couple years. In the meantime, they put an increased focus on sensationalist stories, grabbing more and more of their content from social media, piggybacking the reporting of others.

Just check out the replies to Tweets from ESPN’s Assignment Desk account, where they are constantly asking for permission to use photos and videos that fans and small-time bloggers have taken. Some of the responses are exactly in line with what Kerr said, as social media users are snapping back at ESPN to “pay their reporters.”

As far as we’re concerned, the world needs more of Steve Kerr’s wisdom and less of LeVar Ball’s nonsense.