The Golden State Warriors beat the Bulls Wednesday night in Chicago, which isn’t really a surprise. However, we’d like to take a moment to point out that Bulls big man Robin Lopez absolutely destroyed poor Jordan Bell on the very first possession of the game.

After a failed pick and roll resulted in Lopez finding himself with the ball at the top of the three-point arc and a wide open path down the middle the key, he thundered in for a monstrous tomahawk dunk. Bell tried to provide defensive help from the weak side, but was both a little bit late and physically outmatched.

Not only was Bell tragically posterized, but he landed awkwardly on his left leg and couldn’t get up.

Eventually the training staff brought out a wheelchair to get Bell off the court, who appeared to be in a tremendous amount of pain. He was whisked away for x-rays, which the Warriors would later report came back negative. They are officially calling it a sprained ankle, but will take an MRI on Thursday to see if there’s anything else damaged.

Oddly, it wasn’t the only bizarre dunking injury of the game. Late in the fourth quarter, Chicago guard went in for a breakaway dunk only to land directly on his face.

Dunn reportedly chipped and dislocated at least two teeth, and may require dental surgery to get it fixed. Tough night all around.