Rookie forward Jordan Bell got a lucky break early in his NBA career, as he was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 38th overall pick of the 2017 Draft, but later traded to the Golden State Warriors — the odds-on-favorite to the another NBA title next spring.

While Bell may not see a ton of playing time thanks to the Warriors having four (maybe five) legit All-Stars in their starting lineup, he did get some minutes in garbage time on Monday night as the Dubs were blowing out the Mavericks.

Then he did this, while Golden State was up 25 points:

It’s a perfectly good and fancy highlight. After all, sports are supposed to be fun, right? Unfortunately for Bell, the showboating move violates one of those pesky “unwritten” rules about playing the game “the right way,” whatever that means. Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle was reportedly furious.

Bell played 10 minutes and picked up six points, four rebounds, two assists, and a block. However, it’s pretty likely that Golden State head coach Steve Kerr will have a talk with the freshman player about when it is and isn’t okay to throw a sweet backboard alley-oop to yourself and dunk all over your hapless opponents.

In our opinion, though, that’s always okay. Dunk on, Jordan.


Bell did indeed get a talking to from Kerr.