As if the New York Knicks didn’t already have enough bad press for another lousy season.

On Wednesday night, former Knicks star Charles Oakley was involved in a surreal altercation at Madison Square Gardens, one where he was eventually ushered from the arena by a slew of security guards.

In the end, Oakley was charged with three misdemeanor counts of assault and criminal trespassing, the NYPD said, according to ESPN’s Ian Bagley.

Apparently, things got out of hand during the Knicks-Los Angeles Clippers game when Oakley made disparaging remarks to MSG chairman James Dolan, who was sitting nearby. Knicks president Phil Jackson tried to intervene and placate Oakley, who reportedly shouted “Dolan did this.”

Fan favorite Oakley has had a contentious relationship with the Knicks organization, so much so that he has not been included in the team’s 70th anniversary celebrations this season. This latest drama is yet ugly chapter in a Knicks season gone horribly wrong, what with the impasse between Jackson and Carmelo Anthony.