It may be en vogue to jump on social media and raise the pitch forks over perceived injustices, but NBA fans really took it another level on Wednesday night.

After the Cavaliers beat the Pacers to tie their series at 1-1, TNT reporter Allie LeForce interviewed LeBron James. During the interview, she asked James if he had any comments about the recent passing of Erin Popovich, the wife of San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

On television, it appeared that James was blindsided by the news. He appeared to struggle to find the appropriate words, and the keyboard warriors attacked ferociously. They called LeForce “unprofessional” and accused TNT producers of forcing her to ask the question. Some even called for her (and others) to be fired due to the “insensitive” nature of the question.

Except none of that is true.

James posted a video via the UNINTERRUPTED brand, saying that LeForce told him about Erin Popovich’s passing before the interview started. She asked James if he would like to comment, and he said that he would. He urged people to “get off her back,” saying she “followed proper protocol and warned me.”

So there you go. Everyone that was furious with LeForce and TNT for daring to “exploit the situation” for “dramatic effect” can kindly crawl back into their basements and keep quiet. A prominent member of the NBA community just lost a family member, and it’s totally fair game to ask the one player who can be defined as the face of the entire league to comment on that.