Those poor, sad Chicago Bulls. They are having a rough year. First Dwyane Wade forced a buyout so he could go play with LeBron James. Then Bobby Portis decided it would be a good idea to re-arrange the face of teammate Nikola Mirotic in practice, leading to an eight-game suspension and a six-week injury absence, respectively. They have limped out of the gate to a 2-7 record, and will probably finish near the bottom of the standings by the time the season ends next Spring.

Now the Milwaukee Bucks are taking the opportunity to kick the Bulls when they are down.

The Bucks are running a ticket promotion called “Starting Five,” where prospective ticket buyers can purchase a five-game ticket package by selecting the star player of the opposing team. For example, if you want to see the Dallas Mavericks come to town, click on Dirk Nowitzki. Kyle Lowry represents the Toronto Raptors, James Harden reps the Houston Rockets, and so on and so forth.

Look closer, though, and check out the Chicago Bulls’ “best player.”

Yep, that’s Bulls mascot Benny the Bull. Last time we checked, Benny doesn’t crack the starting lineup or the bench for the Bulls roster. Poor Zack LaVine, who was acquired when the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler away to the Timerwolves and it now probably the best player in Chicago, gets royally screwed here.

Long live Benny the Bull, who has been the Chicago mascot since 1969. He probably is the most recognizable Bull right now, come to think of it…