Most athletes start to slow down a little bit as they get into their mid 30s. Not LeBron James, apparently.

James has been tearing it up recently, playing some of the best basketball of his entire career in the past month or so — and that’s after the Cavaliers completely overhauled their roster at the NBA trade deadline. As the 2017-18 season regular season winds down, the talk of who deserves the MVP award ramps up. There are plenty of worthy contenders, with the likes of DeMar DeRozan, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden all playing amazing this year.

However, LeBron has a slightly different take. When an AP reporter asked King James about the MVP race on Wednesday, the four-time winner of the award gave a pretty straightforward, if not particularly humble, response:

“I would vote for me. The body of work, how I’m doing it, what’s been happening with our team all year long, how we’ve got so many injuries and things of that nature, guys in and out, to be able to still keep this thing afloat, I definitely would vote me.”

Tell us how you really feel, LeBron.

Harden is putting up better numbers with the Rockets, who also happen to have the best record in the entire NBA. The MVP will almost certainly go to him, barring a catastrophic final few games. That being said, LeBron has carried a weak roster to another playoff berth and there aren’t many people doubting that he could carry the Cavs to yet another NBA Final, even with the likes of Boston and Toronto looking stronger than ever.

Here’s how James and Harden compare this season: