LeBron James and Joel Embiid faced off against each other on Thursday night as the Cavaliers hosted the 76ers. Philly pulled off a bit of an upset win, but you’re not here for game analysis. After the contest, reporters asked James and Embiid about their thoughts of utterly disgusting move James Harden put on Wesley Johnson earlier in the week.

(In case you somehow missed it, go here to see Harden pull off a crossover/step back that left Johnson flailing helplessly on the ground while Harden stared him down and nails a three.)

Embiid apparently had mixed feelings about the movie:

“I thought it was very disrespectful,” Embiid said, smiling. “But that was a great move, but I thought it was disrespectful. At the same time, I enjoyed it.”

The reporter asked Embiid if he’s ever been in a situation like that.

“I’m kinda glad I’ve never gotten crossed over and I fell. In that situation you’re already on the ground. There’s really nothing else you can do but laugh it off and hopefully hope that he misses the shot. But James obviously made the shot.”

LeBron didn’t even attempt to hide his admiration for Harden’s showmanship:

“That’s one of those moves sometimes you dream about having,” James said. “It was a perfect storm cause at that time they were pretty handily winning that game. They was up 28-7 … at that point and he hits that stepback, one of his patented moves. The crowd went crazy. His team went crazy and that’s a play that will be in his highlight reel for the rest of his life.”

The King has spoken.