Kyrie Irving is about to be one of the best basketball players available on the open market. His current contract expires at the end of the upcoming NBA season, and the 26-year-old point guard will be highly coveted by a handful of teams ready to offer him a max deal.

The New York Knicks have already said that signing Irving is their top priority — or as they put it, “Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C too.”

The Knicks’ executives will be sad to learn, then, that Irving recently stood in front of Boston Celtics season ticket holders and proclaimed that he fully intends to stay in Boston. If they want him, that is.

“Even if I ever try to think about that thought of going elsewhere, it would be like ‘what are you thinking? We’re pretty f**kng good here,'” Irving added.

Irving will likely opt out of his current deal and test free agency next offseason, although it’s possible he could sign an extension with the Celtics between now and then. However, doing so would likely leave up to $80 million on the table.

Irving scored 24.4 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 5.1 assists for the Celtics last year, but missed the end of the season and the entire playoffs due to injuries and two separate surgeries.