The ongoing saga between the Minnesota Timberwolves and disgruntled star player Jimmy Butler continues to fester. It’s a long, complicated, he-said-she-said situation, but here’s the short version: Butler wants to be traded, head coach Tom Thibodeau and GM Scott Layden are reluctant to trade him (because he’s good), and team owner Glen Taylor is caught in between, trying to somehow salvage the situation.

The 2018-19 NBA season kicked off on Tuesday night, with former Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett appearing on TNT’s pregame show to weigh in the drama in Minnesota. In true KG fashion, he talked a whole bunch of smack about his former employer.

Taylor reportedly rejected a trade that would have sent Butler to the Miami Heat last week, allegedly due to demanding even more assets in return after the deal was done in principle. Butler averaged 22.2 points, 5.3 boards, and 4.9 assists last season and helped the T-Wolves to their first playoff appearance in over a decade. He can (and almost certainly will) opt out of his current contract at the end of the season and test the free agent market. He will make $18.7 million this year, regardless of where he ends up playing.