Kevin Durant took a lot of heat when he decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder, the only franchise he’s ever played for, dating back to when they were still in Seattle, and signed a free-agent contract with the Golden State Warriors. Many fans accused him of taking the easy way out, since they Warriors had just finished their 73-win seasons and came oh-so-close to winning back-to-back NBA championships. Oh, and Steph Curry was the two-time MVP at that point.

Turns out those fans were right, too. Durant and the Warriors cruised to an NBA championship, beating LeBron James and the Cavs in five games. Durant was named Finals MVP after putting up ridiculous numbers and finally got that coveted championship ring.

Despite all that, Durant apparently still feels the need to defend himself to random haters on Twitter. User @harrisonmc15 casually pointed out the following now-deleted screenshots, which appear to show Durant attempting to anonymously defend his decision to leave OKC, but forgetting to switch to his dummy account first:

And here’s the pictures, in case that tweet ends up deleted:

So there you have it; Durant was sick of playing under head coach Billy Donovan and thought the non-Russell Westbrook part of the OKC roster was hot garbage (which is actually fairly true).

Obviously, the tweets were quickly deleted. It’s possible that Durant didn’t post those tweets himself. It could have been an assistant trying to defend his boss, or someone from Durant’s social media team accidently tweeting from the wrong account. Either way, it’s pretty hilarious.