The Houston Rockets are right up there among the best teams in the NBA, and they knocked off the Golden State Warriors on the weekend with a 116-108 win. Naturally, they Rockets are feeling themselves a little bit after that big win, which prompted role player Clint Capela to get a little chesty in the post-game interview.

Everything was going really well for a few sentences, as he talked about the Rockets playing really well together, making less mistakes, and having the right pieces to beat the Warriors. Then he uttered one sentence too many and finished his comments with:

“We are better than them.”

No, you’re not. Not only are the Rockets three games behind the Warriors in the standings, but Capela seems to forget that Golden State has gone to three straight NBA Finals (winning two), and has two former MVPs in their starting lineup.

On Monday, one of those former MVPs clapped back. Kevin Durant was asked about Capela’s comments and basically threw the guy under a bus for having the easiest job in the NBA.

Durant may be right that playing with Chris Paul and James Harden does make Capela’s job a little easier. In fact, it’s almost like when Durant signed a free agent contract with a team that just won 73 games, had the back-to-back MVP (and greatest three-point shooter of all-time), plus two-other All-Stars in their starting lineup.


Yeah, something like that.