John Walls wants to be in the conversation.

The Washington Wizards point guard is definitely among the best players in basketball, but not considered by many to be in that upper echelon of the truly elite. Don’t tell that to Wall, though, because he thinks he is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference.

“I feel like I am the best point guard in the Eastern Conference,” Wall said, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “Maybe people didn’t get to see me on national TV as much last year, but they will this year.

“I want to be in the MVP conversation,” Wall continued. “My expectations are very high.”

That’s some strong confidence from Wall, who is competing with the likes of Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, and Isaiah Thomas for the unofficial title of “Best Point Guard in the East.” Even rookie guard Markelle Fultz, the recent No. 1 overall pick by the 76ers, may be throwing his name into that hat very soon.

Wall has been great for Washington, playing in almost every game for the last four seasons and averaging 20+ points and roughly 10 assists per game, throwing in a couple steals and a handful of rebounds too. The Wizards won their division last season and finished fourth in the East, but eventually fell to the Boston Celtics in seven games in the Conference Semifinal.

With the teams above them (Cleveland, Boston, and Toronto) all undergoing roster shuffles of various degrees, the Wizards may surprise a bunch of people this year — although it doesn’t sound they are lacking any confidence themselves.