Joel “The Process” Embiid had a rough start to his NBA career. After being drafted by the 76ers in 2014 with the third overall pick, Embiid missed all of his first two seasons in the league due to various injuries and surgeries. Some fans were ready to add him to long list of “Draft Busts” and forget he ever existed. His rocky beginnings even turned off some of his potential romantic partners, as you can see from this Embiid tweet from a few years ago.

The general feeling is that Embiid was tweeting about pop star Rihanna, especially since he has a bunch of other tweets professing his admiration for the popular singer.

Well, it took some perseverance but Embiid has finally become an NBA All-Star, earning his first nod in the upcoming 2018 version of the game. Social media blew up when the announcement was made, and Embiid fans even flocked to Rihanna’s Instagram account to remind her. We have no idea if she’s interested, but when Embiid was asked about it after Thursday’s game against the Celtics, he announced a change of heart.

Joel Embiid is officially #done with Rihanna ?? (via @UPROXX)

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“She denied me back then, so why go with her again?” Embiid asked. “So I have to pass that and move on to the next one.”

Any last words, Joel?

“Trust the Process.”