Phildelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid is a notorious joker, but also known for being terribly injury prone. He missed most of his first two years in the NBA due to various injuries, so you can understand why Philly basketball fans were anxious when Embiid had to leave Wednesday night’s game with a head injury after colliding with teammate Markelle Fultz.

The team originally communicated that the injury was a “facial contusion, no structural damage, and no concussion.”

However, they sent Embiid to the hospital for further tests. Embiid then posted a short video clip to his Instagram story, with the caption “Not Good.”

Hopefully, Embiid is just trolling NBA fan everywhere. After years of #TrustingTheProcess, the 76ers are finally back in the playoffs this season. It would be a shame if Embiid picked up a serious injury that caused him to miss any of those games.