The strained relationship between Joakim Noah and the New York Knicks has apparently reached its breaking point.

Noah remains one of the last massive blunders committed by former Knicks president Phil Jackson, who gave the center a ridiculous four-year, $72 million contract just two years ago. Since then, the Knicks have continued to stink and Noah has appeared in just 53 games due to a combination of injuries and suspensions. He’s hardly been worth the money.

Earlier this week, reports trickled out that Noah has a heated confrontation with head coach Jeff Hornacek during a practice. It sounds like that was the final straw for Hornacek and general manager Scott Perry. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Knicks have basically told Noah to stay home until they can find a way to trade him.

However, finding someone who wants to take on the second-half of that massive contract is going to be almost impossible. The Knicks will probably have to sweeten the deal considerably just to get Noah off the books, which won’t do much their immediate future. It’s clear they are attempting to build a team around Kristaps Porzingis. But they may be forced to shoulder a big percentage of Noah’s remaining contract or give up some of their more polished young prospects in a deal to get rid of him — if they can find a team willing to take Noah at all, which isn’t a guarantee.

Knicks gonna Knick, I guess.