“James Harden with no regard for human life! ”

“Bah Gawd, King, that man had a family!”

“Such disrespect!”

All to those quotes are completely suitable for what James Harden did to poor Wesley Johnson last night in Los Angeles. Late in the first quarter, with the Rockets already out to a sizable lead, Harden crossed up Johnson so hard that the Clippers forward tumbled to the crowd. The bearded wonder then proceeded to stare down his fallen foe before hitting an ice-cold three-pointer.

Just watch this:

Here’s an even better angle of the staredown:

NBA Twitter reacted appropriately:

After the game, Harden was asked why he took so long to shoot the ball.

“I dunno, I was trying to figure out what he was doing,” Harden replied.

RIP Wesley Johnson.


The Houston call is even better. “Someone call someone, cleanup on aisle three!”