The New York Knicks are trying to turn over a new leaf. They fired Phil Jackson and traded away Carmelo Anthony. Now, the burden lies on Kristaps Porzingis and other young stars to return Knicks to their glory days. There’s still a lot of progress to be made, obviously, but most fans are cautiously optimistic that the franchise is finally moving in the right direction.

The most pessimistic of fans, however, are still expecting the worst and continue to place a large share of the blame squarely on owner James Dolan. In an effort to capitalize on the divisive opinions, Fox Sport 1 ran a unique advertising campaign on the local New York subways. It’s called the “Pick You Side” campaign, with each side of the subway car representing one side of the Knicks fanbase — one side was “HOPELESS” while the other focused on optimism for the future:

We think it’s a neat marketing gimmick, but Dolan himself was apparently furious with the ads. After a few angry phone calls, FS1 relented and announced they will remove the ads immediately.

A source said the Knicks, whose logos and players were used in the ad, did not approve the advertising and that it would be taken down by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“Today, FS1 featured statements on a New York City subway car intended to reflect the distinct emotions and opinions of passionate sports fans,” Fox said in a statement. “We regret the tone and are removing the content in its entirety.” [Via ESPN]

That’s too bad, since the ads definitely worked the way they intended. This is the most anyone has talked about FS1 in months!