As previously discussed, the NBA off-season was pretty ridiculous. A ton of big names switched to wearing a new uniform amidst plenty of drama and infighting. One of the marquee moves was Dwyane Wade forcing a buy-out from the Chicago Bulls and signing a free-agent contract with the Cleveland Cavliers, reuniting him with former Miami Heat teammate LeBron James. The two won a pair of NBA championships together in South Beach.

Unfortunately, the reunion has not gone as planned.

The Cavaliers, now with Kyrie Irving, have started the season just 3-5. They have eight new players and are battling numerous injuries, but still have the best player on the planet in James. Despite that, the Cavs have been getting blown out by teams who didn’t even make the playoffs last year. Remember, this is a team that has gone to the last three NBA Finals, winning it all in 2016.

Wade says the aura of invincibility that once surrounded LeBron and the Cavs has simply vanished.

“Ain’t nobody afraid,” Dwyane Wade said according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “Teams come in here to whip our butt and they’re whipping our butt,”

Wade has noticed the different between the 2017-18 Cavs, and the title winning Heat teams from a few years ago.

“One thing I did notice at Miami, teams were afraid of us a little bit. Ain’t nobody afraid. Maybe at some point it will get there, but not right now. Everyone’s playing free, it’s early in the year, and everything’s going right for everybody but us. And we’ve got to figure it out.”

The Cavs will certainly snap out of their early funk and end up as a playoff team. But with teams like Boston, Toronto, and Washington all gunning for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, the path to another NBA championship may be even harder than ever for James, Wade, and the rest of the Cleveland roster.