Isaiah Thomas only spent two and a half seasons with the Boston Celtics before a stunning trade sent him (plus others) to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving in the biggest move of a crazy 2017 off-season. Apparently that was enough for the Celtics to plan a tribute video for their former All-Star, which was was set to be played Wednesday night in Boston when Thomas and the Cavs roll into town.

The video is now cancelled, but not because of fan outcry or salty ex-teammates. Thomas himself reportedly requested that the Celtics not air the video, mostly because he won’t be playing in the game at all.

Thomas just returned from a major injury on Tuesday night, playing his first minutes of the season. The Cavs are being extra careful with him, and have already announced they won’t risk him in back-to-back games.

If Boston decides to save the video for the next Cavs-Celtics game in Beantown, it comes on February 11 — which is also scheduled to be Paul Pierce night. Will they cram in an extra tribute to a guy who now plays for one of their biggest rivals? Who knows, but it seems like it would be a little weird if they did.

If you ask me (and I realize that literally no one asked me), video tributes shouldn’t exist for anyone who played two seasons and won nothing. Then again, they somehow convinced the Cavs to trade Irving — one of the best point guards in the league — for a short, injury plagued Thomas. Maybe he deserves a video tribute just for that.