It’s been a few years since the Yankees and Red Sox were both in the playoff hunt come September, but with Boston having a 4.5 game lead in the AL East and New York currently in possession of the first Wild Card spot, the flames of hatred are starting to be fanned.

The storied rivals played the first of a four game series on Thursday night, and CC Sabathia took the mound for the Yankees. He recently came off the disabled list with a knee injury, and the 37-year-old lefty was never what you might call agile or quick. Boston’s Eduardo Nunez took advantage of that fact with a bunt in the first inning, forcing Sabathia to struggle fielding the ball and eventually he committed a throwing error on the play.

After striking out Rafael Devers to end the inning, Sabathia glared into the Red Sox dugout. Apparently he was ticked that anyone would have audacity to bunt against him. After the game, he made it perfectly clear that he thought it was a cowardly move.

In the other clubhouse, Nunez wasn’t exactly forthcoming with an apology. In fact, he doubled down and said he’s willing to bunt all game until Sabathia proves he can turn them into outs.

This is great stuff. Two historic baseball clubs, who already don’t like each other, going to war over the unwritten rule that bunting is for wimps. The best part of all this is that it happened in the first of their four game series, so tensions should be an all-time high by Sunday.

Actually, no. The best part is that Sabathia pulled out the grade-school “meet me in the schoolyard at 3:00 p.m.” tactic to get the final word.