The Cubs and the Cardinals may be bitter rivals on the baseball field, but one thing is written in stone — you don’t mess with another man’s nachos.

In the second inning of Monday night’s game between Chicago and St. Louis, Cubs shortstop Addison Russell attempted to make a highlight reel grab by leaping into the stands behind third base. Sadly, he failed to snag the foul ball. To make matters worse, he ended up with a hand full of gooey stadium nacho cheese dip (gross) for his efforts. And even worse than that, the poor fan who likely paid way too much money for both his fieldside seats and a tray of half-stale nachos ended up watching his snack tumble into the dirt.

But the love of nachos is stronger than the hatred of these Midwest rivals. The next inning Russell returned to the field with a new tray of nachos, which he hand delivered to the Cardinal fan. He even stopped to take a selfie with the man, who appeared pleased by both his brief interaction with a star baseball player and his newly delivered snack.

There does appear to be a small controversy about the replacement nachos not being “loaded nachos,” but all in all everyone went home happy. Except the Cardinals, who got hammered 10-2 and remain 2.5 games out of the final National League wildcard spot, with just six games left to play.