Wednesday night would have been a good day to be a part of the Citi Field grounds crew — as long as you don’t mind sifting through infield dirt to find one of Yoenis Cespedes’ shiny diamonds.

The Mets slugger, known for playing with some extra flair, hit a double in his first at bat in a game against the Atlanta Braves. After sliding safely into second, Cespedes realized that his diamond chain had been broken in the process. Rather than try to stuff it into his pocket or something, the All-Star angrily slammed the necklace into the dirt at second, spilling shiny diamonds all over the infield.

The costly double extended Cespedes’ hit streak to eight games, with him going 12-for-29 (.418) with two walks, three home runs, and eight RBI over that stretch. Unfortunately, the diamond-spilling-double was his only hit of the night and the Mets lost 7-0, allowing the Braves to overtake them for first place in the NL East. They also had starting pitcher Jacob DeGrom leave the game after four innings, citing elbow soreness. So it was a bad night all around for the Mets.

On the bright side, Cespedes’ teammate Asdrubal Cabrera spent the break between innings picking diamonds out of the dirt to give them back. What a nice guy. Maybe Cespedes should take a break from wearing expensive jewelry while playing baseball.