We’re not sure if we love Trevor Bauer or hate him, but this is still hilarious in so many ways.

The Cleveland Indians pitcher, perhaps best known for slicing his finger open while fiddling with his toy drone and subsequently having to leave a 2016 playoff game when the cut started to pour blood in the first inning, got into a verbal altercation with White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia on Monday night.

Bauer had already struck Garcia out back in the first inning when the two met again in the fourth. After fouling off the first pitch, Garcia started barking at Bauer. Bauer then told Garcia to get back in the batter’s box, and pointed. Two pitches later, Garcia has struck out again. Bauer promptly pointed to the White Sox dugout, directed Garcia to go have a seat.

After the game, Bauer offered his version of the incident and it might be even more hilarious than the on-field shenanigans.

“He likes to run his mouth. He starts sitting there talking like, ‘Oh, they don’t throw me fastballs. Why do they just throw me breaking balls?’ He’s said it before.

Not sure he knows that the rules of this game say you can throw whatever pitch you want. So, you know, he started yapping at me. I threw him a first-pitch slider. He fouled it off, stared right at me, said something while he was nodding his head, like ‘I’m right on you,’ or something.

So I told him, ‘Well if you’re that confident, step back in the box. Let’s go. Get back in the box.’ And then he fouled off a pitch — another one that he should have hit. It was right down the middle and he missed it. And then he looked at me and started nodding again.

So I threw him a curveball and he swung and missed so I decided to remind him of the rules of the game. Three strikes, you’re out. You can go sit back in the dugout. But you know, to his credit, he took it like a champ. He put his head down, he shut his mouth, and he walked his ‘L’ back to the dugout. Good for him.”

It was the 12th straight win for Cleveland, who have a commanding 9.5 game lead over Minnesota in the AL Central. As for Bauer, he’s still kind of an idiot. But a hilarious idiot, who pitches very well on occasion.