The American League central is basically the laughing stock of MLB divisions right now, as only the Cleveland Indians even have a record above .500. To showcase the hilariously bad baseball being played by everyone else, we present you this clip from Wednesday night’s game between the Minnesota Twins (60-66) and the Chicago White Sox (a woeful 48-78).

With runners on first and third with no outs, White Sox infielder Avisail Garcia line a sharp grounder towards third. Due to some bad base running, his teammate Yolmer Sanchez gets caught a few steps off third base. It’s a rundown! Twins third baseman Miguel Sano throws the ball to catcher Mitch Garver, who proceeds to…. do absolutely nothing?


What the actual hell just happened?

Garver just follows Sanchez back to third base without a throw. Then, as Yoan Moncado (who started the play at first base) realizes he has to retreat, Garver doesn’t bother throwing the ball to second either, even though the second baseman is standing on the bag waiting for it. To make the play even weirder, the original batter Garcia had made it all the way to second base, anticipating that the out should have been made between third and home. So he had to retreat back to first base, and Garver still didn’t make a throw!

Because the White Sox suck, they managed to turn a bases loaded, no outs situation into exactly zero runs. The next batter grounded into a home-to-first double play, followed by a strike out to end the inning. Isn’t baseball great?