This is, hands down, one of the strangest baseball ejections you will ever see.

After 11 back-and-forth innings in Cincinnati on Tuesday night, the White Sox finally seemed to have put the finishing touches on a 12-8 victory over the Reds by scoring four runs in the top of the 12th. Naturally, Reds manager Jim Riggleman wasn’t happy about the impending loss. With runners on first and third, with just a single out, Riggleman wanted to intentionally walk Daniel Palka.

You would think that with baseball’s recent rule change regarding intentional walks, this would have been a simple process.

It was not.

Umpire Eric Cooper apparently missed Riggleman flashing the “four fingers” sign, which is required to automatically send a batter to first base. Instead, Cooper demanded “I need a sign! I need to see something!” followed up by “do your job!” Riggleman bolted from the dugout and promptly got tossed from the ball game.

After all that fuss, Palkin made it to first base on the IBB and the next batter Hector Santiago (who is actually a relief pitcher) grounded into a double play to end the top of the inning. The Reds, who are a lowly 37-49 at the bottom of the NL Central, finished the game with three pathetic strikeouts in the bottom half.

This has been another episode of the MLB Ump Show. We hope you enjoyed it!