The unwritten rules of baseball are the absolute worst. You know, the “rules” that say players shouldn’t celebrate clutch hits, show up opponents, or flip your bat after a no-doubt dinger. Basically, they say you shouldn’t show any emotion at all, a stupid misconception that is perpetuated by stuffy old school broadcasters who say things like “you don’t like seeing that” or “he should act like he’s been here before.”

To hell with the unwritten rules.

Major League Baseball released a new promotional video for the postseason on Tuesday, and it’s perfect. Ken Griffey Jr. (who drove baseball traditionalist insane for daring to — wait for it — wear his cap backwards!) narrates the piece as clips of baseball’s most exciting players are shown:

“They said rules are rules. Don’t stop and stare. Don’t flip your bat. Respect the jersey. He didn’t earn that right. They called him unprofessional. No celebrating. Keep your head down. Flashy. Immature. Showboat. They said it all.

“No more talk. Let the kids play.”

It’s a refreshing stance from the league, who are maybe finally realizing that promoting their flashiest players is a good thing. The fans want to see Ronald Acuna flip his bat or Mookie Betts celebrate a walk off hit. They want to watch Luis Severino celebrate a clutch strikeout as he walks off the mound.

Baseball can be a slow paced game with moments of pure exhilaration. Players shouldn’t numb those moments because they are worried about offending the opposing team or some geriatric fossil in the press box. They should enjoy those moments to their maximum, because I can assure you the new generation of baseball fans want to enjoy them too.