If you stayed awake to watch the end of the thrilling Game 2 of the Dodgers-Astros World Series, you may have noticed a brief interruption in the action during the 10th inning after Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa launched back-to-back home runs to give Houston a 5-3 lead.

A fan wearing Dodgers gear decided to make a mighty leap into the Astros bullpen, for reasons only known to him. Unfortunately, his plan was ill-advised and poorly planned, since security rushed over (or maybe they were Astros coaches?) and nabbed him before his feet could even hit the ground.

As he was taken down and put in restraints, the onlooking crowd showed no sympathy by yelling things like “you’re going to jail now” and suggesting he call a reliable bail bondsman.

The unidentified man was shown only for a second on the television broadcast, which is pretty standard policy for field invaders these days (the intention is to discourage future incidents by not giving them the attention). He surely won’t be welcome back to Dodgers Stadium when the Fall Classic shifts back to L.A. for Game 6 (assuming neither team wins three straight in Houston to wrap things up in five, that is).