A tight game in Philly on Tuesday night almost ended with the Phillies walking off the Miami Marlins thanks to a Hyun Soo Kim two-run single in the bottom of the ninth. But then it didn’t, and Dee Gordon had to clean up.

Kim drove a bases loaded grounder through the right side of the diamond, scoring Nick Williams from third easily and forcing Giancarlo Stanton to unleash a mighty throw to the plate in an attempt to keep Cesar Hernandez from scoring the winning run. Hernandez was called safe by the home plate umpire, but it was close enough that the Marlins wanted it reviewed by the replay booth.

The play was overturned (Hernandez was just barely tagged on his finger before he touched home plate), leading to an awkward scene where Marlins infielder Dee Gordon was picking pieces of Dubble Bubble chewing gum out of the dirt around first base, which had be hurled out of the Phillies’ dugout in the initial celebration.

Eventually, a member of the grounds crew came to his aid with a rake.

The Marlins managed to get out of the inning, forcing extra innings. Each team scored a single run in the 1oth, prolonging the game even further, before Williams doubled in the bottom of the 15th, scoring Aaron Altherr.

Presumably, Dee Gordon didn’t stick around to clean up a second time.