Cheating and baseball have been a tepid couple for over a century. Sign stealing, corked bats, and that whole Steroid Era have always been hanging over America’s Pastime. And once or twice a year, the issue of pitchers using a foreign substance rears its ugly head and gets everyone riled up again.

The latest potential infraction is the Boston Red Sox, who had a couple different pitchers caught on camera suspiciously grabbing their left forearms with their pitching hand before their deliveries.

Watch for yourself. Is there something fishy going on here?

It was fairly chilly in Boston on Sunday night, dropping to about 11 C (about 52 F), and some pitchers will argue that it’s safer for them to use some sort of sticky substance to maintain a good grip on the baseball — especially in cool weather. However, others argue that any foreign substance can help a pitcher throw nastier stuff, as it can aid with movement and spinrates. And regardless of either point of view, using any sort of substance remains strictly against MLB rules.

The Red Sox tied up their ALCS matchup with the Houston Astros at 1-1 on Sunday night, with Game 3 scheduled for Tuesday in Texas. While the weather will probably be warmer, you can bet the Astros will be keeping a close eye on the Boston pitchers and their pre-delivery movements.