Ahhh, yes. Baseball is back, everyone. With it comes the smell of freshly cut grass, the crunching of peanuts in the stands, and idiotic hurt feelings over “playing the game the right way.”

Our early example of this from the 2018 season is between the Twins and the Orioles, who kicked off the season with a three game series in Baltimore. The highlight for Minnesota fans was probably watching youngster Jose Berrios absolutely dominate on the mound during Sunday’s series finale, as the 23-year-old pitcher threw a complete game shutout, giving up just three hits over 107 pitches. That’s a very fine afternoon of baseball!

However, one of the hits was a 9th inning bunt of O’s catcher Chance Sisco. You see, Sisco is a heavy pull hitter and the Twins pulled out the same defensive shift they had used against him all game — loading up the right side of the infield. Sisco said “screw it,” and dropped a perfect bunt over to the unmanned third base for an easy single. Berrios would give up a walk and another hit after that, but ultimately completed the shutout.

After the game, multiple members of the Twins organization were happy to put Sisco on blast for daring to… oh we dunno, keep playing until the game was actually over? Something like that.

You’re wrong, Eddie Rosario. Plenty of people liked that. A short list of people who liked that includes the Baltimore Orioles players and coaches, all of their fans, and every baseball fan who screams “just go the other way!” whenever they see teams pull out a crazy defensive shift. The last time we checked, Sisco’s job was to get on base, by any means necessary. If the Twins are going to leave an entire side of the diamond undefended, there’s no reason he shouldn’t slap down a bunt and make them look silly for it.

Basically, this: