Baseball is a grind. The season is long and while the game isn’t as physical as hockey or football, players rarely get time to recover from nagging injuries since there’s another game almost every day. And yet, Kansas City Royals backcatcher Salvador Perez just injured himself in the stupidest way possible — creating a growing trend of weird maladies for the Midwestern club.

Perez will miss 4-to-6 weeks with a torn MCL, which he suffered while… falling down some stairs while carrying a suitcase?

The 27-year-old catcher is one of the best catchers in baseball, hitting .268 with 27 home runs and 80 RBIs in 129 games last season. His recent misstep (pun intended) is just the latest strange injury suffered by a Royals player. Here’s a quick recap:

Frankly, this injury isn’t even the best “bizarre injury” in recent baseball history. Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya was forced to miss playoff games in 2006 due to a sore wrist he suffered during a lengthy session of playing Guitar Hero (he later said it was just a cover story, but we’re still willing to accept it).