After a few down years, the New York Yankees have rebuilt in a hurry. As per usual, they’ve combined a mix of stud prospects, a deep farm system, and outrageous spending to assemble a damn good lineup. With the likes of Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez being buoyed by the massive trade that brought NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the Bronx, the Yanks look set to contend for AL East titles for years to come. And that’s all before they dig their claws into the 2018 free agent market, which includes the likes of Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, and Josh Donaldson (to name a few).

It’s a trick the Yankees have pulled again and again — just outspend everyone! Amazingly, it continues to work too, much to the chagrin of Fred Wilpon, co-owner of crosstown rivals the New York Mets.

According to the New York Post, Wilpon was furious when he heard about the Stanton trade. He doesn’t normally speak to the media, so this information is second hand, but it’s still so salty that we had to post about it.

From the NY Post:

“Fred is pissed every time the Yankees make a move,” said a person who speaks to Wilpon regarding baseball matters. “And he always seems surprised.”


Wilpon believes such an economic model is “unsustainable,” according to a source, a sentiment he has held for several years as the Yankees have made blockbuster acquisitions.

Wilpon’s reaction to the Stanton deal was hardly unexpected by those around the team patriarch — he was so rankled when the Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez in 2004, according to sources, that he called a Mets executive who was on a family vacation to complain.

“[Wilpon] keeps saying the Yankees can’t keep this model up,” a source said. “And they keep showing that they can.”

The Yankees have been spending “unsustainably” forever, but their pockets never run dry. Clearly the Steinbrenners knows something that Wilpon doesn’t. There’s also the fact that a millions of dollars of Mets money was lost in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, forcing the team to slash budgets and payroll across the board as they recover. Even with those cuts, the Mets still had the 12th highest payroll on opening day of 2017.

Unfortunately for the Mets (and fans of almost every other American League team), only the Yankees can get away with being the Yankees.