Washington Nationals infielder Mark Reynolds took serious issue with homeplate umpire Sam Holbrook’s strike zone on Tuesday night, resulting in an eighth inning ejection and a hilarious tantrum that involved using his batting gloves as flimsy, ineffective projectiles.

Near the end of a close game, Reynolds was called out on strikes after two borderline pitches cruised along the outside edge of the plate. In his defense, they were probably not strikes at all. Reynolds sulked his way back to the Nats’ dugout, tossing his helmet, and having loud words for Holbrook’s calls. He must have said the magic words, because Holbrook tossed him from the game, which resulted in an even-more-angry Reynolds rushing out of the dugout to engage in an excellent bit of whining. And batting glove throwing.

Here’s the end of the at bat that caused the commotion in the first place.

Both strikes two and three were off the plate, although only barely, according to Brooks Baseball.

Reynolds and the Nationals would get the last laugh, though, as the Phillies managed to end the game in the bottom of the ninth when Vince Velasquez — a pitcher who was pinch running — was called out for leaving second base early on a fly ball out to center field. Baseball!