Trevor Bauer, known primarily for his pitching and his ability to miss key postseason games because he sliced his finger open trying to repair his drone (yes, really), apparently have a charitable side to him.

Bauer’s 2018 salary was sent to arbitration, where he filed for a $6,420, 969.69 salary but wound up being awarded even more than that — $6,525,000. As a result of his sudden influx of extra cash, the Cleveland Indians right hander announced on Twitter that he would be giving away much of the difference in the most immature way possible.

During an aptly named “69 Days of Giving,” Bauer will pledge $420.69 per day to crowd-sourced charities, as well as awarding $69,420.69 to a charity of his choosing on the final day. Oh, and because we’re all here for the jokes, his announcement video was also 69 seconds long.

The 27-year-old still has two arbitration years left on his current contract, and has pitched for Cleveland for almost all his Big League career (a brief stint in Arizona before he was traded in 2012). He won 17 games in 2017, putting up a 4.19 ERA and a 1.367 WHIP, while striking out 196 with one of the widest assortment of pitches used by anyone in baseball.

We guess money going to charities is always a good thing, though.