Giancarlo Stanton hits mighty, powerful dingers — but only when he connects with the ball. He’s also prone to plenty of strikeouts. In his home debut at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, Stanton greeted the New York crowd with five straight strikeouts — the embarrassing Golden Sombrero. He was booed off the field, which seems a little harsh since the Bronx Bombers still beat the Tampa Bay Rays 11-4. But hey, New York is a demanding market, and Stanton knows it.

“I was awful today,” Stanton said after the game, according to New York Daily News. “You put up a performance like that you should get some boos.”

Stanton, the reigning NL MVP, has never struck out five times in a single game before. His poor performance also tied a Yankees franchise record for futility. In 2017, when he played for the Miami Marlins, Stanton never had more than three strikeouts in a single game.

Stanton’s homer-mashing teammate Aaron Judge, who is also no stranger to the fickle New York fans, offered the new Yankee some advice.

“Everyone’s been booed. It’s no big deal,” Judge said, according to Coley Harvey of ESPN. “He knows that. It’s just, you got to go out there and just do your job the next day. If you don’t have it one day, you can’t complain, can’t mope – which he’s not. He knows how it is.”

With neither Stanton or Judge hitting balls over the fence on Tuesday, the Yankees were powered by shortstop Didi Gregorius, who knocked in a massive eight RBIs while going 4-for-4 with two home runs and a walk.

“Good thing it’s not all about me,” Stanton said. “I was awful, but Didi picked me up and the rest of the guys. That’s what you need on a not-so-good night for an individual.”