This is definitely a new one.

A Florida man named Chad Ferndandez has filed a lawsuit against the Tampa Bay Rays for — yes, we’re serious about this — sending him a series of promotional text messages. Fernandez claims he starting receiving “unsolicited” SMS messages from the baseball team which promoted events like Opening Day, Star Wars Night, and other ticket promotions. He claims he never signed up or approved to receive these messages.

According to the lawsuit, Fernandez claims the messages “invaded his privacy, intruded upon his seclusion and solitude, constituted a nuisance, and wasted his time by requiring him to delete the messages.”

He is seeking $1,500 in damages and $500 for every text the Rays sent him, claiming they violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which was made law in 1991 to unchecked telemarketing and auto-dialing. Fernandez claims the texts caused “tangible harms” to him, including “loss of cellphone battery life and financial losses in requiring him to recharge his phone.”

WSTP, who first reported the story, reached out to the team for comment, but a Rays spokesman politely declined to comment on the matter.

It’s not the first time the Rays have been taken to court over text message promotions. They faced a similar lawsuit earlier in 2018 from James Thomas, who accused the team of violating FCC rules with their promotional texts.