Derek Jeter is the new ownership face of the Miami Marlins, and his early tenure of front office boss isn’t going well. First the organization traded away reigning MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees (Jeter’s former team, by the way) for basically spare parts. Outfielder Marcell Ozuna was the next to go, finding himself traded to the Cardinals. And while he’s still a Marlin for now, we wouldn’t bet on Christian Yelich being in center field for Miami when the season starts next Spring.

Basically, Jeter is orchestrating a complete fire sale of anyone even remotely valuable in a complete rebuilding project. Naturally, fans are furious — especially season ticket holders, who include the semi-famous Marlins Man, aka Laurence Leavy.

On Tuesday night, Jeter attempted to smooth over the anger by hosting season ticket holders in a Town Hall meeting about the state of the franchise. If you know anything about sports, you know that the phrase “Town Hall Meeting” is never good. It basically means fans are so angry that ownership/management realizes they need to stand up and get yelled at for a couple hours in order to appease the frustration of the faithful.

As expected, it went poorly. Here are some amazing tweets about what transpired.

Marlins Man wasn’t the only vocal fan, though. One woman apparently starting crying over the idea of how bad this team is going to be for the next few years.

After that, someone compared the Marlins to a Chevy Volt. Too bad the Camaro engine will be in pinstripes next season, socking dingers in the Bronx.

Also, this guys is worried he might literally die before the Marlins have another winning season. Yikes!

The Miami Marlins continue to be baseball’s biggest and cruelest joke (next to maybe the stadium that the Tampa Bay Rays play in. That thing sucks big time).