Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price, owner of a huge contract and perhaps even bigger expectations, has been sidelined this week with a wrist/hand injury that was eventually reported to be a case of carpal tunnel syndrome. He was scratched from Wednesday’s start against the New York Yankees with “numbness” and there’s currently no word on when he might pitch again — could be his next scheduled start or he might miss multiple weeks. No one is really sure.

When Red Sox manager Alex Cora met with the media before Wednesday’s game, he was asked whether Price’s ailment was the result of playing too many video games. In particular, Price is a big fan of Fortnite, a multi-player battle royale style game where 100 players start and play until only one remains.

“From what I know, David has played video games his whole life,” Cora said, according to Chad Jennings of The Athletic. “It seems like Fortnite now is the one everybody is playing, but last year, I saw a lot of guys playing FIFA. That’s a lot of playing, too. So, there’s a lot of (other) teams playing Fortnite, too. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Price said earlier this week that Fortnite has “taken over” the Red Sox clubhouse, saying that he plays for “several hours” on most days. While it’s possible that the repetitive actions of holding a video game controller could lead to something like carpal tunnel syndrome, Price has been a gamer his whole life. It’s unlikely he would suddenly be afflicted now.

“I mean, it can happen in different ways,” Cora said of Price’s injury. “Like I said earlier today, it’s about repetition and I don’t know, you throw bullpens, you throw off of flat ground, you throw games, you make adjustments with pitches, I don’t know, the only thing we know is it’s this and, for me, this is quote-unquote good news compared to thinking about something else.”

The Red Sox are hoping Price will throw a bullpen session on Thursday. Assuming there are no issues with that, Price could make a start against the Blue Jays next week. In seven starts so far in 2018, Price is 2-4 with a 5.11 ERA and a 1.405 WHIP. He signed a seven-year, $217 million deal before the 2016 season but has struggled to live up to his hefty price tag.