Despite only being a member of the Chicago Cubs for a little over a month, lefty pitcher Cole Hamels is already hurling bombs at the fans of the Milwaukee Brewers, the Cubbies’ division rival.

The Brewers are only four games back of the Cubs for the lead in the NL Central and won the first of a three game series between the two teams on Monday at Miller Park. However, Hamels basically threw the Milwaukee fans in the trash after the game, suggesting there’s no real rivalry if they don’t bother showing up to the ballpark.

“I mean, that’s kinda tough. I know the rivalries I’ve had in the past – you can definitely feel it,” Hamels said according to Tony Andracki of NBC Sports Chicago. “When you have majority Cubs fans in the stands, I don’t know if that’s a rivalry yet. I’ve been in rivalries. They’re not gonna like me for the comment, but you can look at the ticket sales.”

“I think when they start getting a little bit closer and their fans sell out, then I think that’s kind of the understanding. But the Cubs fans travel well. They were representing us pretty well. I think it’s just a matter of us going out there and playing hard.”

Hamels actually started for the Cubs on Monday, allowing just two runs over six innings. A late comeback, though, would give the Brewers a much-needed win. They are currently 78-61, and narrowly holding on to the first Wild Card spot in the National League, but four teams are within 4.5 games of them. With five more games against the Cubs before the end of the regular season, they certainly aren’t out of the picture for a NL Central pennant, either.