The Chicago Cubs had a miserable afternoon, losing 7-0 at home to their division rival Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubbies’ lead in the NL Central was reduced to just two games, and Ben Zobrist was ejected in the ninth inning for owning home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi with a righteous diss.

Zobrist was already annoyed with Cuzzi from an earlier at bat, when issued a called strike three on a pitch that looked a tough off the plate. The two exchanged words over that particular call, but Zobrist wasn’t ejected at the time (Cubs manager Joe Maddon did stand up for his player and got the boot, though).

Fast forward to the ninth inning, and Zobrist returns to the plate. The conversation continues, and honestly it looks pretty civil. But then Cuzzi tosses him anyway.

After the game, reporters asked Zobrist what the hell happened for him to earn an early shower.

“I just basically said that’s why we want an electronic strike zone,” Zobrist replied. “And that’s what obviously got me tossed.”

Here’s both Zobrist and Maddon discussing their ejections after the game. Which you should watch, because they are kind of hilarious.

The questionable strike calls weren’t the worst we’ve ever seen, but Zobrist has a disciplined approach at the plate and pitch track data proves that he was technically correct about those pitches being off the plate. Regardless, this has been another (smaller) episode of The Ump Show.