Top 10 Fighter Appearances in Pro Wrestling History

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There have always been plenty of comparisons between pro wrestling and mixed martial arts, due in part to the large number of athletes who have had successful, or in some cases unsuccessful, attempts at crossing over from one genre to the other. While there have been few examples of successful pro wrestlers who have made the transition (save for Brock Lesnar, of course!), there have been a number of MMA fighters and boxers who have made high profile appearances in the world of professional wrestling. We have compiled a list of the top 10 fighter appearances in pro wrestling history, complete with video footage of each. You might be surprised to see some of the fighters on our list!

#10 – Dan “The Beast” Severn

Capitalizing on both the growing popularity of the UFC and the fact that it was being attacked by major politicians in the United States, Vince McMahon scooped up UFC veteran Dan “The Beast” Severn for a squared circle run in 1998, complete with his UFC title worn during his ring entrance. Prior to even his UFC career, Severn competed in various pro wrestling circuits in Japan and the US, so one could make the argument that “The Beast” was the first pro wrestling act to make it big in the UFC.

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