UFC’s 10 Bloodiest Fights Ever

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In the past 20 years, no single sport has exploded more than mixed martial arts. It has gone from being banished in almost every state, and even from television, to being one of today’s most popular sporting tickets. The kingpin of all MMA organizations is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Since it’s inception, the UFC has been the home of some of the biggest fights and most badass fighters. And when you have badass dudes trying to punch through the faces of their opponents, things are bound to get messy. Here are some of the bloodiest fights in UFC history.

10. Carlos Condit vs. Georges St. Pierre – UFC 154

In his hometown of Montreal, Georges St. Pierre defended his Welterweight Title against what many experts thought was his most dangerous challenge to-date in veteran fighter Carlos Condit.  However, GSP made it look easy as he bloodied and beat Condit for five rounds and won a decisive victory via judges decision.  St. Pierre won every single round.



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