Tito Ortiz Claims He’s Had 25 Concussions, Will Retire After Fight With Chael Sonnen


Tito Ortiz is more known these days for his trash talk rather than his MMA skills, which have been in decline for years. One noteworthy thing Ortiz has said, though, in the build up to Saturday’s fight against Chael Sonnen was revealing his long history of head injuries.

“I’ve had over 25 concussions, over eight surgeries” Ortiz said on the ESPN Five Rounds podcast.“Sparring is probably the hardest thing in training… getting punched in the face, concussions. I don’t want any type of brain damage. I don’t know if you guys got the opportunity to watch the Concussion movie with Will Smith. That’s scary. It’s a scary feeling. Over this last year, I got a few small symptoms like that. Forgetful, takes me a second to think about some ideas. I don’t want that to happen [long term]. I want to make sure I walk away at the right time. Now is a good time.”

Ortiz, now 42-years-old, has been on the MMA scene since 1997. His first professional fight was at UFC 13. And while there’s no way to know if he’s exaggerating the number of documented concussions he has received in the past two decades, it’s still a scary thought he is still being licensed to fight.

Ortiz and Sonnen, both former UFC fighters, will face off against each other at Bellator 170. Ortiz has lost seven out of his last ten fights, while Sonnen has lost three out of his last four and failed multiple drug tests before finally parting ways with the UFC. There’s a good chance this is the final fight for both of them.

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