The 8 Greatest Dynasties in History

AP Photo/Eric Gay AP Photo/Eric Gay

Many teams can win a single championship.  Usually as a result of some big ticket free agent player or maybe just plain luck.  But it takes real talent to become a repeat champion.  Very few teams are able to recapture the glory of a title season.  Other teams are out to topple the champs, and key players often switch employers in search of more money.  In rare instances, a collection of management, coaching, and players can combine to create dynasties, where a team will win multiple championships over a short time. Jordan. Jeter. Kobe. Brodeur. See where the greatest players fit into our list of Greatest Sports Dynasties.

8. Dallas Cowboys

“Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?” –Jimmy Johnson, Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys 1989-1993.

Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys achieved greatness in the early 1990’s, winning three Lombardi trophies in the span of four years. Hall of Famers Troy Aikman (QB), Emmitt Smith (RB) and Michael Irvin (WR) were on the Cowboy’s roster for the titles in 1993 and 1994, and were later joined by another future Hall of Famer in Deon Sanders (CB/ WR) for the third championship in 1996. While Texas is synonymous with Football, the Cowboys of the early 90’s were a team possessing electrifying talent that became a must-see event every time they took the field.

AP Photo/Eric Gay

AP Photo/Eric Gay

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