8 Best Rookies Who Never Succeeded

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When teams don’t win championships, invariably they get high draft picks. When these teams can’t peddle success, they peddle hope. And with these high draft picks and the hope they bring come all kinds of hype. Most times, the players, to varying degrees, work out for the clubs that pay them massive salaries on long-term contracts. Yet, when they don’t work out, it’s in epic fashion. Just ask Tim Couch. The first overall selection of the Cleveland Browns in 1999 enjoyed a modicum of success as the starting quarterback in his first couple years, but was released outright in 2004 after tryouts with several teams failed. At least now he’s a broadcaster on Fox Sports South.

8. Brien Taylor, MLB

Taylor is a cautionary tale for all big league scouts who figure they have found “the next one.” Blessed with a cannon for a left arm and labeled as can’t miss by the New York Yankees’ bird dog staff and George Steinbrenner himself, Taylor’s path to the bigs and stardom seemed assured. He was drafted first overall by the Yanks in 1991, they were so sure. Yet, the “can’t miss” lefty never made it past Double A. The Yankees would say turn right, and Taylor would turn left, such as the time he skipped Instructional League to go home after a good season at AA. Now, Taylor is a felon due to be released Sept. 14, 2014 from a North Carolina correctional facility.brien-taylor

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