11 Brothers of Superstars Who Didn’t Make It

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There have been some great brother acts in the history of sports, proving that athleticism runs in the blood. Peyton and Eli Manning are but two fine examples of siblings that have achieved great heights. The Sutter brothers of hockey fame (all six of ’em!) are an extreme example, along with the DiMaggio brothers, with Joe, Dom, and Vince leaving their mark in baseball. The lists go on and on, where family and sport ties are concerned.

Not as popular, however, are those brother acts where lesser-knowns struggle in the massive shadow of their superstar relatives. Did you know that Boston Red Sox all-star infielder Nomar Garciaparra had a brother Michael who played pro ball? We’ll bet not. The younger Michael was drafted in the first round (36th overall) by Seattle in the 2001 draft, but didn’t advance past AAA ball. He was out of baseball after 2010. Here are 11 other brothers who failed to attain the heights of their more famous siblings.

11. Jordan Palmer (Carson’s brother)

Carson has had his ups and downs as a starter after being the first pick overall in the 2003 NFL draft by Cincinnati. But he has played in two Pro Bowls and set multiple Bengal records before going to Oakland and now Arizona. His passer rating so far this year is its highest since his second season with Cincinnati (99.3) and he has led the Cards to an NFL best 7-1 record  (he’s 5-0) and first place in the very tough NFC West. Younger brother Jordan, however, has bounced around the NFL since being drafted in the sixth round by Washington in 2007. Other than backing up his brother for a year in Cincinnati (2008), his career stats are 10 for 15 passing and 59 yards with 2 INT. He was cut by Buffalo this year.

 (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

(AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

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